You can get LevCoins by doing “good things” that help the project. If you have any idea of promoting or advertising you can contact us, and we will make an offer.

Right now you can get 10 levcoins for just placing a message on Facebook, that is praising the LevCoin. If you add a link to this site, you will get 20. And if you place also a link to our official Facebook group you will get 10 more. All – 30.

If you do all this in another Facebook group or page – another 30. So if you post in 10 groups or profiles, you will get 300 LevCoins.

The only limit is no more than 1 message in 1 profile or group weekly. I.e. you can take another portion of LevCoins for repeating message on the same place in 1 week.

When done, contact us with a link to your post and your Ether address where you will receive your income.