About us

Founder and team leader of LevCoin project is Dobri Bozhilov.

He has 15 years of experience in Internet entrepreneurship.

Graduated Economy and Information technologies. Before his own business, he worked as software engineer and software sales manager. In young years he was an editor in IT and Business newspapers.

Author of many books.

One of them – “The Fellowship” (on picture), has become an absolute bestseller in 2019 (Rating page here – the language is Bulgarian, but the picture is seen).

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The main idea of LevCoin is to become Bulgarian national crypto-currency. Bulgaria has its own currency, called “LEV”. But it is intended to be removed and replaced by “Euro” – the common money of EU.

Founders of the project does not believe this will be good for Bulgaria. We do not believe in FIAT-money. In addition, “Euro” will bring much debt of other countries to be paid by Bulgarian taxpayers.

So we believe that, if before adopting the Euro, a Bulgarian crypto-coin emerges, then the Euro itself will become useless. No one can make people exchange their LevCoins for valueless paper “Euros”.

The main target of LevCoin is not profit, but helping people save their welfare against public debts and money-print in EU.