Quick Start

The fastest way to start with LevCoin is by using the GUI wallet application.

It is a combination of daemon and wallet – all-in-one. Just start it, wait for synchronizaton and then send and receive payments.

You can download the GUI wallet from here:


(It is possible an error with msvcp140.dll or another file to appear. In this case you must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. Use the 32-bit version („x86“) even your Win is 64-bit  )


(It is recommended you have QT installed)

Ubuntu 14

(It is recommended you have QT installed)

After downloading, un-pack it and then start the file Levcoin (for Win it is called Levcoin.exe).

Note that first start may last for hours. This is the initial synchronization with the block-chain. The progress is seen in the down-left corner of the window.

After that you need to create a wallet. Menus are intuitive and easy (File->Create).

To open a ready wallet File->Open. The wallet can be created also in the console application and can be opened here.

Remember to backup any wallet. It is the key for your money.

When all is ready you can send and receive money.

The “anonymity of transaction” option is not working yet due to the small number of transactions – i.e. you must set it to 0 in down-left slider.

And that is all.

If you look for the easiest way to mine, you can use the GUI of MinerGate.  Click here for instruction…